Saturday 18th May 2019

Tackling Obesity Together

get-involved-get-others-involvedThroughout Europe there are events and initiatives taking place to highlight European Obesity Day. Some of these are being held on Saturday May 18 which is European Obesity Day 2019, whilst others are being held in the weeks and days running up to it. Some will even continue afterwards.

Here are a few suggestions of events and initiatives that you could organise to get others involved to make them and others aware of European Obesity Day.

We have also provided some resources to help you as well as a list of events that have been held in different countries as part of the activities for past European Obesity Days.

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Organise a team of friends or work colleagues to take part in a run or a walk: Many towns and cities organise them at this time of year and taking part in them and using social media to let people know, is an excellent way to draw attention to European Obesity Day.

Write a blogpost about European Obesity Day: Help others to learn more about the prevention and treatment of obesity by writing a blog about it. Perhaps from your own personal experiences of being overweight or having obesity. Or using some of the some of the information on this website and the links to other sites to find out more.

Use social media to remind your friends and colleagues that European Obesity Day will be held on 18 May.  You can use some of the hashtags and our suggested Tweets to get a conversation going.

Challenge your friends at work to get involved. Suggest that they leave their cars at home and come to work by bicycle during the week before European Obesity Day. Or have a competition to see who walks the furthest / takes the most number of steps during that time.

Take the stairs. Make some European Obesity Day posters and put them in the lifts suggesting that everyone takes the stairs instead.

Suggest to the editor of your staff newsletter that they publish an article about the importance of obesity prevention, drawing attention in particular to the other diseases that are caused by having obesity – Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Serve only water, fresh fruit and vegetables at meetings for a week instead of coffee and biscuits. Make a small notice telling your visitors and colleagues why you are doing it – and suggest that they visit for more information. Also please see EASO’s infographic: Drink Water Be Healthy

If you are a teacher, set an essay competition for your students about the importance of prevention how people with obesity should not be stigmatised.

For more ideas, please see the events that were held in various countries for previous European Obesity Days